25 things i love about being with you
Late nights and later mornings. The way your nose scrunches up when you laugh. Watching Demolition Man at least 4 times a month (and how it never, ever gets old). Using the environment as an excuse to take co-showers. The side of your neck, the length of your spine, and that spot behind your ear. My hands + your curls. Falling asleep on top of you and waking up all tangled in one another. Slow dancing in the middle of the club like no one's watching. Taking turns in the kitchen (and taking turns in the bedroom). SIR. Getting to watch you do something you're passionate about. Nicolas Cage marathons. Hitting all seven continents. Hearing my name on your lips. Family dinners, who knew?? The little specks of gold in your eyes. When your hand naturally falls back into mine. Kicking your ass at Destiny. Lazy late afternoon dog walks. Being your +1. Doing corny shit like this because we never graduated from the honeymoon phase. Getting to see you in baseball pants. And grey joggers. And in nothing at all. You and me, on top of the world.