q&a with noah peters, v.1

if you could switch two movie characters, what switch would lead to the most inappropriate movies? hannibal lecter and mrs. doubtfire. hellooooo!

when did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great? i started a robotics club in high school which gave some of my classmates more ammunition to bully me over, but some of my work got the attention of a few of the higher ups at MIT which i could never afford if it wasn't for scholarships (and crippling student loans)

what weird food combinations do you really enjoy? cottage cheese and applesauce. i know it looks like dog vomit but i've mashed it all together since i was a kid. mashed potatoes and a1 sauce. pickles and cheese.

what movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? the o.g. jurassic park (the new one sucked ass) or the empire strikes back.

where do you get your news? if i need real news i watch the bbc. if i'm down for entertainment, infowars all the way.

do you think that aliens exist? it's ignorant to think that we're the only intelligent life forms in the entire universe. i'm more mulder than scully.

what are you currently worried about? north korea, week long lapses in memory, my aforementioned crippling student loan debt.

what was the most unsettling film you've seen? martyrs, with the original "last house on the left" being a close second because of that scene. you know the one.

do you think that children born today will have better or worse lives than their parents? this is implying that we won't be experiencing a nuclear winter in twenty years, which i think is pretty damn optimistic.

which fictional character would you trade places with for a week? a hobbit. any hobbit... except frodo, 'cause fuck all that walking. they just smoke weed and drink ale all day and live in their own little sheltered world.

what's the most ridiculous thing you have bought? definitely not my chia shrek.

who's your favorite spice girl? beatle? rugrat? ginger. ringo. chuckie finster.

are you more comfortable when it's hot or cold? cold. i sleep with my bedroom at a cool 66 degrees. you can always put more clothes on but can only take so much off (meow)

what's something not a lot of people know about you? i can solve a rubik's cube in under two minutes.

do you consider the glass to be half empty or half full? what's in the glass? $150 a bottle champagne? it's half full and it's disgusting.

where do you think the lost laundry socks go? narnia.

what's your sign, and do you think the things you hear/read about it are accurate for you? pisces. "People born on March 17 are extremely versatile beings, often on the move, setting things and then changing them without notice". seems legit. it also says we're charming lovers -- so you tell me.

what's your favorite thing about your adorable girlfriend? that she's not afraid to be smart and to fight for the things that she knows she deserves. and god, is she hot or what

who was the last person you were really nervous to meet? i met neil degrasse tyson at comiccon last year and have never felt smaller in my life.

what's the title of your sex tape? pulp friction.

boxers or briefs? t-shirt bras or something lacy? (which do you prefer for yourself, and/or on a partner?) boxers and t-shirt bras because lace is itchy as fuck, you're not gonna tell me that's comfortable.

who would win in a fight: a velociraptor, or bill nye? velocilraptor. he'd take bill nye by surprise as he was making science fun and the world would be in mourning for the next 3000 years.

are you more likely to tip a lyft driver if they talk to you, or if they ignore you? ignore me. if there's one thing i'm the actual worst at, it's small talk

What do you love about yourself? my strong, expressive brow.

What have you gotten too old to put up with? slow walkers/drivers. loud chewers. i will leave the room, i'm not kidding.

What cheesy song do you love? i'm too sexy, right said fred.

What event would you like to know the whole and complete truth about? the jfk assassination. the bullet curved.

What have you recently become obsessed with? fortnite and pubg, but if you do the dances in real life we are not friends.

What’s surprising about you? i've never seen back to the future. i've only gotten on a plane twice. i learned to drive when i was 22.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? jeans, a t-shirt, converse. versatile everyday wear. if not, athleisure for your pleasure.

What would be the cutest infestation to have in your home? tribbles.

When you were a kid what silly thing were you deathly afraid of? i saw "it" when i was like, 6 which basically ruined clowns for me. i can handle them now but back then...

Where do you like going for walks? far enough in the woods that you can't hear traffic.

If you found out you would inexplicably fall down dead in one year, what would you change about your life? i would travel more and spend all of my money in a completely irresponsible way.

What movie have you seen more than seven times? jurassic park. i can recite all of the words and the imdb rating is an insult.

What skill do you wish more people took the time to learn? DRIVING. DO YOU HEAR ME, BOSTON. USE YOUR DAMN SIGNAL LIGHTS

What would be the scariest text message to wake up to? "we have some news about your mother. please call us back."

What complex fictional character really intrigues you? jack torrance from "the shining".

What always lets you down and what never lets you down? politicians, my mother.

What’s the best thing you could tell someone to cheer them up when they are feeling down? a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle.

If you could look through one person’s email without them knowing, whose email would you spy on? donald trump. there's gotta be something in there that would earn us a new president.

What’s something you completely changed your mind about and went from believing one thing to believing the exact opposite? when i was younger i used to hate family dinners -- i'd give anything to have them back.

What would you do if you fell deeply in love with someone online, but you discovered they are actually a government created AI that escaped and now lives online? i would be too amazed at the tech to be mad, tbh

What can you talk all day about? star wars, fluid mechanics, exposure settings, photography

What’s the best ice cream topping? whipped cream, hands down.

What would the trailer to a movie about your life be like? like a michael bay movie, with 500 explosions.

What kind of old person would you like to become? someone betty white-esque.

What do couples do that seriously annoys you? sit on the same side of the booth in a restaurant or call each other pet names in public. gross.

You get to marry one fictional character – who is it? leeloo from fifth element or ripley from alien.

If you didn’t have to worry about money or a job, where would you live in the world? nepal.

What was the last book that you got so absorbed in that you couldn’t put it down? "the last days of jack sparks", "kill creek", "salem's lot". i was on this weird horror kick earlier this year.

In your mind, what are your 3 biggest weaknesses? i'm super gullible, i still kind of care what people think (but it's better), and i procrastinate like a motherfucker

You only get 3 words to describe yourself – what are they? noah benjamin peters.

Which is better to listen to – your heart or your brain? i want to say your brain but i know i'm a heart guy.

Which is better: asking for permission or asking for forgiveness? asking for forgiveness.

What would you do if you inherited 1 million dollars tomorrow? remember, crippling student loan debt. and i'd pay off the rent on my mom's cafe so she could just live comfortably for the rest of her life.

What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life so far? grades 8-12.

What fictional character do you identify with the most? spider-man. ha. ha.

What'd you wanna be when you were a kid? an astronaut. a whale trainer (thanks, free willy). a palentologist.

When did you have your first kiss? in fourth grade at the roller rink with rachel nelson with will smith playing in the background.

Who do you talk to the most on a daily basis? probably teddy, since i live with him and all. as far as texting, i think zuri gets the brunt of that

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10? 20? 5 - working for a renowned tech company. 10 - owning said tech company. 20 - president of the world.

What's your favorite food? poutine. i went on a field trip to montreal in fifth grade that changed my life.

Who's your favorite music artist of all time? the arctic monkeys.

what other things do you love doing aside from being a photographer? hiking, video games, snowboarding, watching "chopped" for 12 hours at a time

What's the worst thing you've ever eaten? anything i cook is the worst thing i've ever eaten.

Do you have a quote or a motto that you kinda live by? "how ever difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at." -stephen hawking

What do you believe in? science and discovery.

What sense would you be okay with losing if you had to choose? touch. i like food too much to ever put taste on the line.

If there was only one thing you could teach me about your generation, what would it be? we're not all entitled assholes who like justin bieber and spend all of our money on avocado toast.